World Trade Center Photos (1994)

Last Updated: December 19, 2001

In 1994 I had to take a business trip to Merrill Lynch at the World Trade center. I stayed at the Marriott right next to the Trade Center, but I think there's little left of it now. It was a year after the 1993 garage bombing, so there was still damage and repairs occurring at the time.

Picture of the Marriott (yellow awning) looking toward the World Tarde Center area: Marriott and Plaza.

Picture from the outside looking up: Bottom-Up.

Bridge and river view from observation deck: Bridge View.

Second bridge view: Bridge View 2.

Just to the left of the picture is the Empire State Building as we look north up Manhattan: Empire State View.

Another view north up the island: North of the World Trade Center.

On top looking down. I can only imagine what the scene is now: Looking down.

Battery Park south of the Towers: Battery Park.

Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island to the right, Staten Island above: Statue of Liberty.

Top of the Tower with antennae and view: Top of the Tower.