Baseball Road Trip

"Or, Corn, Construction, and Cell-Phone Towers"

Last Updated: August 28, 2001

The Trip Begins

Seven baseball games in 14 days -- they said it was impossible. Or stupid. Or one of the two, but it was definitely an experience. July 19 we were off to St. Louis, via JFK in New York, and therein lies a tale...

Well, the flight got canceled due to "thunderstorms" or "drunk pilot," that's all. Luckily, the gate next to ours was also going to St. Louis, and we were off!

Here's a shot of the used Tickets: Used Tickets

Home teams went 2 and 5, with the Oakland A's rampaging throughout the Midwest. It was kind of interesting to see Jermaine Dye on the Royals at the beginning of the trip, and then to see him at the end of the trip on the A's as they manhandled Cleveland. Yes, it was a looong trip.

St. Louis

Top of the Arch. 660 feet up and the same distance wide. I did NOT throw up.

Arch from the Mississippi from a tour ship, and a view from the center of the city east toward the Arch. Good restaurants around this city square.

Arch from the Mississippi, uh, again, and a picture of us going up one of those eight teeny four-person elevators to the top of the Arch.

Busch Stadium, section 226, row 11, seat 19. Nice stadium, August sun for only for a little bit, and you can see the Arch aaaaaall the time.

Busch Stadium, northern view. We stayed at the Radisson, which is right on the Mississippi and within easy walking distance everywhere. Didn't move the car for two days. Got yelled at on the street for wearing a Cubs hat, which I respect. Good baseball town.

Kansas City

Kauffman Stadium, section 128, row V, seat 8 and a view of the stadium from our hotel room, The Drury Inn. We walked to the stadium, which is not a bad place, but they really need a bigger scoreboard. We baked in the sun for a bit, but then it was nice at night. The Royals su*k, as they got pounded by the A's.

Double-digit loss for the Royals. At least we got free t-shirts entering the stadium, the only freebies the whole trip.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Metrodome and Mall of America at the bottom. Teri is to the left not quite believing that this is only the third game of the trip. We "relaxed" after the game at a local dive as we waited for the traffic to let up.

Metrodome, section 121, row 21, seat 9. Out of all the stadiums, I think we had the best seats here, and we had a lot of fun. The Twins had the tying run in the eighth thrown out at the plate, which kind of foreshadowed their current August collapse.


The Brewers' Miller Park and a shot of the open roof at the end of the game. Nice stadium, but it's out in the middle of nowhere at the edge of town.

Miller Park, section 107, row 11, seat 10. and a shot of the open roof at the end of the game. We saw the Brewers win it in the bottom of the ninth, which was cool.

Milwaukee River, south view. Actually, Milwaukee is a pretty river town trying to break out of its gritty and aging surroundings. There's even some boat crew whose only job appears to be picking trash out of the river.


Navy Pier and Lake Michigan. Navy Pier is just beautiful near the center of Chicago. The view westward toward Chicago is nice, too. Lake Michigan is emerald-green.

Rock and Roll McDonalds and a picture of Untouchable Tours of Chicago. The Rock and Roll McDonalds is right on Clark St (about 30 blocks south of Wrigley) and just across from the Hard Rock cafe and Rain Forest something or other. Navy Pier and Lake Michigan are dead east from here about twelve blocks. I recommend the Untouchable Tours. It's a tour of infamous 20's and 30's era gangster haunts and South Side projects, and you get a free cigar and clove of garlic (had to be there).

Wrigley Field, section 505, section 107, seat 9 or maybe it was section 9, seat 107; we were never really sure. The second picture shows how high up we were, and you can see Lake Michigan out at the horizon, along with a bunch of parked buses at the lower left. We had ten-dollar seats, which were as windy as the roof seats at Fenway, and we saw Mark McGwire hit two homers.

Wrigley. Wrigley is right on Clark St and Addison in north Chicago, and we took the #22 bus from the Days Inn downtown. Actually, we took the #22 bus a LOT in Chicago (again, the car didn't move for two days). Incredibly, I think Fenway is nicer than Wrigley, but the action around Wrigley is as much fun as Fenway.


Tigers' Comerica Park and a view of the scoreboard. Picture outside taken from our parking space -- can't beat it! We stayed in Ann Arbor in order to, uh, avoid the urban splendor of Detroit, but Comerica and the immediate area around it were nice. We chickened out from going to Canada; Teri was worried about "visa" problems or something.

Comerica seats, section 139, row 15, seat 12. Pretty good seats, but we baked in the sun the whole game. 1:00 in the afternoon on a Sunday in late July, baby!


Jacobs Field from the Cuyahoga River and the Cuyahoga River from Jacob's Field. A tour down the windy Cuyahoga in Cleveland was a fun way to see the old Cleveland, and its concrete plants, a zillion bridges, and Hooters -- well, we couldn't actually "see" Hooters, but it was behind the other bars down in the Cleveland "Flats" party district. Cleveland Browns players come down here to the Flats to party and get arrested.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and view of Cleveland from Lake Erie. You can see the Cleveland Browns stadium in the foreground, the Hall is to the left, and the entrance to the Cuyahoga is to the right (Jacob's Field is about ten blocks inland dead center). The Hall is a good time. They had a good Hendrix display and movie, but they wasted two floors on the over-hyped activist John Lennon (he's a great musician) and smarmy Yoko Ono. She had the clothes he was shot in on display there. Just go away, Yoko.

Newest cement silo on the Cuyahoga. Tour guide made a big deal of it, so here it is. Honestly, the tour was a lot of fun.

A View of Teri and a view of Cleveland from the top of Jacobs. Jacob's field was probably the best park we went to, and it was HUGE. There were food stands everywhere. Very Impressive. Teri is not quite believing it's the last game of the trip.

Jacobs Field Views. Waaaay up.

Jacob's Field, section 556, row S, seat 7. Did I mention we were high up? View looking northeast, Cuyahoga in back of us (I think I just like to say "KAI-a-HO-gah").