Joe and Connie's Big Fat Lebanese Argentine Wedding

or "Dude, where's my wedding?"

Page Last updated: August 3, 2003

The wedding was months ago, but recent litigation regarding certain pictures has been recently settled, so here we go!

Joe enters the building, er, tent.

Joe argues with Connie over the phone -- the perfect way to prepare for a wedding.

The stuff arrives for an outdoor reception.

This is BEFORE we've had any alcohol.

The invitation and guest list -- I guess it's for real!

The bride and family make an Eden of the woods.

Wow, they did a great job! My Mom looks on.

Hey, man, I've GOT the ring... Really!.

I need a suit?! Dude, that's whack.

Yes, my friend, marriage is imminent.

His eyes are STILL like this.

Little Sarah flees the Burning Stump.

The Lebanese and Argentine contingents warily eye each other.

I guess we're NOT Jewish. Who knew?

Mike NEVER gets the camera again. Deal?

And Sarah has to work on her kneeling at church.

No, that was a different burning bush. I'm serious.

And the refreshments arrive!

The reception preparations begin.

The old barn comes alive.

The woods are alive with the sounds of Joe and Connie's wedding.

Break time.

He's planning something, I know it.

Secret Service protection has been arranged.

Randy, Jon, and I plan our future fifteen minutes.

And Jon acts on that planning minutes later.

Paul decides to get very serious with Mike the cameraman

Joe does a little usherin' before gettin' hitched.

The friends pat down the guests.

I run off to get the Unity candle. Oops...

Camera forgotten, Dad?

Start the movie!

The bell awaits Tim the Bellringer.

The Best Man takes a secret picture of the fleeing bride and groom.

More to come!