West Coast Baseball Trip

"or - Is Denver really on the West Coast?"

Last Updated: August 26, 2003

A tour of the West Coast and West Coast ballparks (and, uh, Denver and Phoenix):

Das Tickets: Tickets.


The trip starts, and, always, Hoist Point Inlet Only: First plane trip.

Air Force Academy overlook (couldn't find Pike's Peak one): Ackerman Overlook.

Teri introduces the beautiful Denver Pedestrian Walkway: BeautifulDenverPedestrianWalkway.

Coors Field: Coors's Field.

Still not quite sure what day it is, but drunk: Breckenridge Pub.

Our usher in blue joins us in a brew after the Rockies game: Friendly usher.

A Denver Boot in Denver: Not my car.


Beautiful, clear, 108-degrees Phoenix: Plane View.

Retiring airplane pilot gets firehose send-off: Retiring pilot.

The blessed hotel pool at the Phoenix Hyatt: Hyatt Pool.

Bank One ballpark next to the, uh, Bank of America. Roof open a few hours before the game: Bank One Roof Open.

A close-up view of the DiamondBacks home: Bank One Ballpark.

View from our seats in a cozy 80-degree BOB: Bank One Roof Closed.

Giant floating Pepsi bottle launches attack on our position: Angry Pepsi Bottle.

Live band outside the BOB. Phoenix people only come out at night: The Band.

San Diego

Beautiful San Diego Bay as seen from the Elephant Cafe: San Diego Bay

Qualcomm Stadium, and The Overhang envelops us: Qualcomm.

Qualcomm Stadium again. We say goodbye to this concrete monstrosity and welcome PetCo park next year: Qualcomm.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, La-La Land, The Big Easy, The Windy Apple: OK, Palm Trees.

Dodger Stadium, La-La Land, The Big -- no, wait; just Dodger Stadium: The Seats.

Dodger Stadium -- a quiet reflection before Sammy Sosa hits two homers today: Quiet Reflection.

Good old-fashioned LA traffic leaving the stadium: Leaving Dodger Stadium.

Santa Monica Pier: The Pier.

Santa Monica Pier, uh, again: On the way to Italian food.

The Amazing Magnetic Knife at the Italian Restaurant: No tricks. It's really magnetic.


Angels Edison Field -- take rte 2 to 10 to 405 to 63 to 5 to Disney, and take a right: You can't miss it.

Centerfield Camera Guy gets a drink: Nice View.

Moments before an awesome event: The Seats.

The awesome event: Only knocked over one person to get it.

Universal Studios

Today at Universal Studios -- Cat in the Hat, Dragnet, Coupling, and, yes, a Commercial on Stage 4! The Tour ends.

A big blue wall you may have seen in The Truman Show: In the distance.

Jaws Attacks! The Shark Cometh.

West Side Story: A western scene.

Waterworld underwater: Glug.

Waterworld in flames: Oh, the Humanity!

Nickeloden rains death on the audience: The Horror.

Animal Planet Live! Like, Liza! But with animals: Here come the birds.

Terminator 2: Hasta la Vista.

Teri tries to get on the ride: Close enough.

We get on anyway -- something called Jurassic Park: Central Control.

Descent into madness, er, the Lower Level: Giant Escalator Tube of Death.

Beautiful, smoggy San Fernando Valley: Down in the Valley.

Oakland and San Francisco

Wine and Coffee -- breakfast in SF: Breakfast.

Before the climb to the hotel: One Nob Hill Circle.

After the climb to the hotel: Nice 40-degree angle.

Oakland's Network Associates Coliseum, or The NetAssCol: Just about the time that New York's lights went out.

Oakland seats -- Go, Raiders! The sunburn begins.

We beat the post-game traffic by taking the San Mateo Bridge (don't ask): Take the East Bay to the South Bay to the San Mateo.

Wiggly Lombard street at night -- with no flash: I see the car, honey, I see it.

Many seals at Pier 39 (again, no flash): Sealtopia.

Alcatraz and the Wharf, early morning, as we go for 10-dollar Denny's omelettes: Alcatraz.


Let's watch Pedro shut down them Mariners: Entrance.

Best seat in the host at SafeCo Field: Front Row.

A view of Seahawks Stadium and downtown Seattle: Seahawks.

The beautiful hanging hot peppers: Hot Peppers.

A turtle on the bay: Turtle, Ho!