East, South, and Pittsburgh Baseball Trip 2005

"or - Is Texas really in the South?"

Last Updated: November 23, 2005

A tour of DC, Philly, Texas, and Pittsburgh ballparks, via Florida. Home teams all won, but only the Astros had a good year. Onward to Summer in Texas!

Port St. Lucie, Florida

A good baseball trip always starts with Spring Training and Pedro Martinez: Mets Vs Dodgers.

Pedro was on, but, ominously, he saw the bullpen blow his lead in the ninth: Closer Looper sets the tone for the season.

Washington D.C.

BB Trip 3 Extreme! starts with, of course, a clash of Duck Boats: For the love of God, Look out!.

Beautiful RFK hosts the Nationals and Pirates: Section 519, Row 6, Seat 14.

Nationals tried to blow it, but instead waited until September: Go Redskins!

At the White House, Teri realized her lucky AK-47 would not be appreciated here: Rose GAH-den.

White House personnel call in cavity searches for both of us: Been there, done THAT.


Cruising Philly day before Live 8: Remember Live 8? Me neither.

Old-school diner in South Philly: Go for breakfast, stay for the pawn shop.

Citizens Bank Park in all its glory: Hotel right next door.

Game on for Phillies and Braves: Section 131, Row 33, Seat 10.

Philly Phanatic pulled over for DWI: Driving While Inacostume.

Phillies try to blow it, but wait unil September: Braves wait until the playoffs to blow it, as usual.

Outfield view: Yes, yes it is.

Arlington, Texas

Summer in Texas, Baby! And it starts with a little something called Six Flags: Batman Ride -- my first real rollercoaster.

Batman Ride -- sounds "funny": Good Lord, 35 seconds of terror.

Batmobile: Uh, let's take pictures of other things.

Texas Giant -- best wooden rollercoaster in the world: My cellphone is under there somewhere -- seriously.

Ameriquest Field -- Rangers vs Red Sox, July 4th! Section 323, Row 21, Seat 21.

Military flyover: Hey, it's only 90 degrees in the shade!

The night descends over Ameriquest as Rangers beat the Sox: Hey, it's only 88 degrees at night!


Johnson Space Center -- it's a good thing: Pogo, She said.

Shuttle Mock-up: I've seen Ford Excursions bigger.

Quick, let's go to Galveston before the game: Beautiful Crane Over Bridge.

Always read the rules before entering a beach: What, no babes?

Ah, the Gulf Coast: It's like Arlingon, but with moisture.

Houston vs. San Diego at Minute Maid Park -- better-sounding than Enron Field Of Death: And it's good FOR you.

Kicking back, and waiting for the World Series to start: Section 126, Row 38, Seat 4.

A dome with a view: Roof closed due to showers.

Roof closed at night: The ballpark is, um, "cozy."


Summer In Pittsburgh -- better than you think, actually: The Fountain at the Three Rivers Confluence.

Three Rivers view from the Hilton: Ohio, Allegheny, and Monongahela -- didn't even have to Google it!

Feels like another Duck Boat tour: Steelers Stadium Ho!

Famous Incline: But sometimes the trams get stuck.

Walking across the Roberto Clemente Bridge to PNC Park: Easy walk from the Hilton.

PNC Park and Honus Wagner statue: No, he didn't compose Ride of the Valkeries -- that was brother Richard.

Nice stadium, probably the best time we had of all of them: Section 117, Row W, Seat 12.

Pirates rally in the ninth against the Mets: Hey, is that Looper on the mound?

Mets blow it, but the Pirates need any win they can get: Looper is no longer a Met.

So, that was it, from RFK and a mile walk to the Metro, to South Philly and the best sports bar in town (they said), to losing my rollercoaster virginity and cellphone in Texas, to watching the Mets blow another game in the ninth.