Or: "Yes, I WILL have ice with that"

Page Last updated: August 13, 2000

Alaska was most exciting, and here are some pictures that you have to wait to download:

I am ready to go to Alaska.

But first breakfast at the best diner in Massachusetts.

Here's the map of the whole trip (start and end in Anchorage)

Off to Barrow in Alaska Air -- cross your fingers!

OK, so they had to fix the plane first

The new and the old -- totem pole with toilet on top and watching Russia

Big whale bones, pack ice, and good food

Arctic Ocean pack ice behind me. Stranger next to me...

Teri stealing the Arctic Ocean

Barrow sign post

Leaving Barrow, but watching the four-inch oil slick coming out of right engine (yes, really)

Moose sighted!

Beautiful Prince William Sound

About 300 Sea lions hanging out, hiding from the bears

Columbia Glacier iceberg dead ahead

Pipeline Club -- Capt. Hazelwood's last beer before rolling the Exxon Valdez over Bligh Reef

Worthington Galcier outside of Valdez

Fairbanks Internet connection at the Sip 'N Surf

Touching the Alaska Pipeline

The Iditarod headquarters

More pictures to come!